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Italian Restaurant in Beaufort, SC

The Genesis of La Famiglia Restaurant Group began in a different time and a different land  During the era of Josie’s Restaurant,  in Naples, Italy.  Gary Langevin and his siblings were little more than children, but already struggling with dishes and pans.  More than family, they  were united by a common bond.  Not just by lineage, but by the same passion for the kitchen, the customers, the dining experience.

They were not easy times.  Josie, mother of Gary, was very strict – but this was his luck; as discipline, order, and cleanliness were rules that you could not escape. As time went on, Gary made the journey to America, dedicated himself to catering events and opening several successful restaurants in Charleston, SC.

And, so it begins.  Gary always the entrepreneur, now has an expanding group of Authentic Italian restaurants along the South Carolina and Georgia coastline, including Savannah, Charleston, and even in Cancun, Mexico – all featuring these traditional family recipes created from love so many years ago. What he has now developed is a culinary experience that is both beautiful and inviting to new customers and  to regulars alike.  You will find a real family – where values, like friendship and affection, are authentic; just like our food. 

Chef Gary welcomes you to Bella Napoli Italian Bistro, in Glennville, GA.

Chi Mangia Bene Vive Bene! (Who eats well, lives well!)