Operation Hours

Helpdesk phone service hours:

    8:00 A.M.- 5:00 P.M. Monday - Friday PST

On-site service hours:

国产偷拍视频    8:00 A.M.- 4:45 P.M. M-F

国产偷拍视频Limits to hardware and software support:

The Helpdesk can only provide hardware repair or replacement if the computer is under a manufacturer’s warranty that covers such repairs. Replacement parts and service outside of warranty is the responsibility of the computer owner.

国产偷拍视频Software support is limited to programs licensed by the University for the entire campus, and are generally limited to standard desktop productivity software, or campus administrative systems (e.g. Great Plains and PowerCampus). While the Helpdesk will make an effort to help, programs that are purchased by individual departments are the responsibility of that department.

For support or service for the telephone systems, please call (323) 563-4990